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Helping the world be a slightly better place

Not only are you taking part in this endeavor for the chance at a classic adventure, you are also helping the world be a slightly better place. Every individual taking part of the Pidgin Rally is required to raise money for the HANDA Rehabilitation and Welfare Association, an organization helping to cure and rehabilitate lepers living in China.


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What is HANDA?


HANDA Rehabilitation and Welfare Association (HANDA) was established in Guangdong, China in 1996 as a secular, non-government and non-profit organization dedicated to working together with the community for rehabilitation of people affected by Hansen’s Disease (HD, formerly known as leprosy).

This includes physical, social, psychological rehabilitation as well as education and poverty alleviation.

HANDA is the only local NGO in China working with people affected by HD as a branch of the International Association for Integration, Dignity and Economic Advancement (IDEA) registered in 1994.

HANDA is based out of Guangzhou with two branches located in Kunming, Yunnan Province and Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

What are the needs?

In China there are still more than 250,000 individuals who are diagnosed with Hansen’s Disease and are suffering from many types of physical disabilities. The primary cause of this is society’s longstanding misconceptions of people affected by Hansen’s Disease. These individuals continue to be denied jobs and remain separated from their communities.

What does HANDA do?

For the public:

  • Raise people’s awareness of HD so that they have an accurate understanding of the disease.
  • HANDA mobilizes social resources, and calls more public attention to correct the public’s knowledge of leprosy
  • Educate people about leprosy by providing more opportunities for the public to visit leper villages.
  • Promote interaction between leper communities and the general public.

For people affected by leprosy:

  • HANDA procures, installs, and repairs prostheses for people affected by leprosy so that they can take care of themselves
  • Distributes protective shoes, self-care articles, and orthopedic appliances
  • Provides health-care education and self-care training
  • Provides treatment for people affected by leprosy who have eye problems
  • Provides eye care instruments and medicine
  • Provides eye care education
  • Organizes various activities and promotes the construction and economic development of the village
  • Carries out people-oriented services focused on the specific needs of the individual
  • Conducts psychological counselling, crisis intervention, and personal development services

For children of people affected by leprosy:

  • HANDA provides the tuition and basic living expenses of children from leprosy villages
  • Establishes a network between donors and student beneficiaries to promote the development of the students

How does HANDA make a difference?

Main Programs:

  • Social Rehabilitation: Implement advocacy programs and other social Activities in communities to improve the understanding of HD to reduce the stigma and discrimination towards people affected by HD
  • Psychological Rehabilitation: Provides opportunities for the people to take part in social activities to promote their self-esteem and self-respect through sharing experiences and wisdom
  • Physical Rehabilitation: Provides self-care education and prevention of disability activities, including eye surgery, wound care, orthopedic appliances, protective shoes and prostheses
  • Poverty alleviation: Provides skills training, start-up funds or micro-loans for the people who want to start income-generating activities so they can become self-supporting and economically independent
  • Educational Scholarships: Helps children of people affected by HD receive basic education
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