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The Pidgin Rally

A 500-ish kilometer adventure bike race in China


If you believe a set route, a helpful local guide, hotel reservations every night, and a dedicated team on call to make you feel safe and secure makes for a boring journey then this is the rally for you. Riders need only possess a desire for an adventure, though the ability to ride a bike without training wheels is certainly an asset.


The Pidgin Rally is an excuse for adventure in China. It’s a 500-ish kilometer bike ride taking place every summer through land countryside known as, “the land of rice and fish.” There’s no set route or support on this ride; instead, there is a chance to discover what an adventure really can be. all you have at your disposal are your wits and a burning desire to finish this mad rally (and GPS because even though a road exist on a map, it may not exist in real life.)


The 2016 Rally will start at the 1912 presidential palace in Nanjing and ends at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai. The rest will include meandering in and out of major cities between the two!


The dates for the 2016 Pidgin Rally will be released in June.  At that point, information about registration will be released.


Everyone needs a little bit of adventure now and then. Always making sound, responsible judgments might be good for your 401k but it leaves you short on dinner conversation. The Pidgin Rally is all about stepping outside one’s comfort zone, to experience the unexpected, something that too few of us in the West ever get to do.

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The Founders

Chris Bayer

Chris Bayer wants to live in a world where restaurants have Sichuan peppercorn next to the salt and pepper shakers, everyone can experience swimming in the ocean while it rains, and a man can add Bellini to any beer on a hot afternoon without ridicule.

When he’s not busy in sales or providing financial advice to clients, friends and family you can find him biking around Calgary listening to classic Motown.

His latest project -The Pidgin Rally- hits Shanghai every September and allows him to visit his Alma Mater every year. He wants you to discover what an amazing country China is and maybe learn a little bit about yourself in the process.

Chris Marlow

Originally from the Rocky Mountain West, Marlow is an outdoor fanatic. While he’s working his day job, he’s typically dreaming about biking, running or scaling a mountain. He has a dog from China. That dog’s name is Charlie. That dog is female.

Here’s the deal. The Pidgin Rally is a way of breaking down personal fears of the unknown and experiencing an adventure. It’s leaving behind the mundane for a bit and stepping outside of the comfort zone. that’s what Chris believes in.

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